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New Delhi: With the IIT entrance exam just four days away, newspapers across the country have come up with a novel idea of drawing readers (or writers?!). Since many IIT aspirants solve the practice questions on the empty spaces of newspapers, most dailies have decided to go with blank front pages.Image

“In their attempt to excel, many students use every bit of the empty space in newspapers for solving problems and for the rough work. We have decided to make it easier for them”, said Param Parmar, resident editor of Hindustan Times.

The blank front page campaign begins on Friday and is expected to go on till the end of state engineering entrance exams.

The Indian Express which would be following suit has justified this move saying that they go with blank pages only during an emergency. “This emergency is no less than the emergency in 1975. It was Indira Gandhi then, it is the IITs and Kapil Sibal now. We are doing our bit”, said Kamnath Goenka, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

The Hindu too is going ahead with a blank front page as they believe, both, the readers of the paper and writers on the paper symbolize the intellectuals of this country. But they have acknowledged that neither do many of these students know who the President of India is nor do they know the pet name of Hrithik Roshan.

Even the regional newspapers of Bihar have joined the bandwagon. Hindi daily Aaj has gone four steps further and has decided to leave first four pages empty. Newspaper analysts say blank or full pages would make no difference to the content of this paper.

Debashish Ranjan, an IIT aspirant from Kota feels that this step would only serve the creamy layer of the aspirants. “This is all just a trick by the few chatur students. They need to do that to prove their intellect and make the rest of us feel worthless. These are the same people who would use tissue papers after dinner and toilet.”

Our reporter at Bakchod Khabar who is a follower of Nirmal Baba and claims to possess the sixth sense says he saw jealousy in the eyes of Debashish.

The Times of India has however decided that their content would be enough to draw the young readers even on the morning of the exam. “You saw Chatur Ramalingam doing it in 3 Idiots and you will see us doing it now”, said one of their editors on condition of anonymity.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.