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Mangalore: More than three years after his party members beat women black and blue, it is time for Sri Ram Sena’s chief Pramod Muthalik to go pink in the face. Former party insiders have revealed that all these years he has been wearing the pink chaddis gifted to him during the Pink Chaddi Campaign in 2009.Image

Pramod Muthalik has however denied this allegation saying that it is a case of sour grapes with his former loyalists. If eyewitnesses are to be believed, he has been moving around in low rise jeans to prove his innocence ever since the news became public.

The accusers have however produced a photograph to substantiate their allegations. The photograph which has been authenticated by the forensic department shows Muthalik posing for a photograph in one of the pink chaddis.

“Ever since Tehelka magazine exposed his ‘riots for money scandal, he and his party members have been short of funds. The party decided to go on an austerity drive and Muthalik Anna led from the front. He has been wearing them ever since,” said Vineet Shetty in an attempt to reveal the source of the photograph.

Manoj Bhat, another former loyalist says that the austerity drive was in fact a failure. “How can you call that an austerity drive? He has never worn the same chaddi more than once.”

It must be recalled here that young women from across the country had gifted him pink chaddis numbering in thousands as a form of protest. The unique campaign was started after Sri Ram Sena’s party members beat up pub going women in Mangalore in 2009.

Namita Malhotra, one of the founders of the popular campaign has expressed a sense of satisfaction on hearing the news. “The chaddis were a gift to him and it would be really rude to take back the gifts. It has served its purpose.”

Muthalik’s own party members have strongly come out in his support. “We have seen worse phases. This is certainly not as bad as having his face blackened. Even this shall pass,” said a party member to Bakchod Khabar on condition of anonymity.

Gossip hungry Tweeples have welcomed this news. One of the posts read, “My friends and I had sent him more than a hundred pink underwears. But we had all sent him female undies. :P”

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.