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Ranchi: Sensational reporting by the Indian television media gave Indian Cricket Captain Dhoni a tough day as he was chased by a group of eunuchs (Kinnars) for more than two hours yesterday. The eunuchs actually believed that Dhoni was one amongst them after Star News channel had reported more than a month ago that he was the most expensive eunuch.Image

Sabse Keemti Chakka’ was what flashed on the television screens after Dhoni hit an important six that soon helped India seal the game against Australia in the CB series.

The horrifying incident occurred when Dhoni was spending some personal moments with his wife Sakshi at an isolated park in Ranchi. The eunuchs not recognizing the celebrity couple began pestering them for money.

“I had not brought my wallet along and so I tried to impress them by saying that I am Mahender Singh Dhoni. They hurriedly discussed something amongst themselves and then as if they had sensed a prize catch, a couple of them grabbed me and began pulling me away from Sakshi”, said a visibly shaken Dhoni.

The tug of war continued for a few moments until finally Dhoni’s heavy dose of milk consumption showed its power. The couple faced a horrendous time as they were then forced to play hide and seek with the eunuchs for more than two hours.

“One of us had seen the news. We quickly spread the word amongst ourselves. Dhoni needs our care and for that she needs to come into our community. Dhoni is never going to find the acceptance in the society she is currently in”, said Chameli Rani, one of the eunuchs who chased Dhoni.

Kamla, another transgender, accused Sakshi for being with Dhoni just for his fame and money. “No wonder we were not allowed inside during Dhoni’s wedding. Sakshi knew the truth all the while.”

Dhoni publicly thanked Sakshi for standing by him and for believing in him.

“Of course I believe you. Its been time since we have been married”, winked Sakshi to Dhoni.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.