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New Delhi: Times Now Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami shouts at his panelists only during video conference interviews. In a studio interview he is very subdued and terrified. This has got to do with immediate physical threats from panelists in a studio which is absent during video conferences. This is the conclusion drawn by media critics.Image

“We were waiting for Arnab to come to Delhi and we observed his mannerism really carefully” said Madhu Trehan, a well known media critic. “This was the only place where he would physically come face to face with the panelists. Since Times Now’s office is in Mumbai, he never gets a chance to face his interviewees which gives him the freedom to shout at them. Saamne aate hi uski phat gayi”.

Union Minister Kamal Nath who was a panelist during that interview confirmed the findings. “I had always waited for him to interview me face to face. But when the day arrived, he was a changed man. No wonder he did not piss me off enough to get up and strike him.”

Arnab, on his part has looked at the brighter side of this finding. Our sources at Bakchod Khabar say he has decided to do more in-studio interviews in the hope that the channel’s TRP would increase even if people just hooked on to the channel to check if this was true.

“No publicity is bad publicity” was all he texted back when Bakchod Khabar tried to get his response.

Meanwhile, Arnab Goswami jokes is the trending topic on Twitter. In response to this finding a post on Twitter read, “During video conference interviews Arnab behaves like he is the next Prime Minister. In studio interviews he behaves like the current Prime Minister.”

Chewing gum company Center Fresh has however disputed this finding. They claim Center Fresh, and not the physical presence of panelists led to Arnab shutting up. They have also decided to use the contrast in the videos of his interviews for their next ad campaign. Arnab ki Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.