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Bengaluru: Vijay Mallya has announced that beer lovers will now have to return empty Kingfisher beer bottles. The empty bottles would then be sold for Rs. 2 per bottle to garbage collectors. The revenue earned from that would be used to bail out Kingfisher Airlines.Image

Kingfisher’s marketing team in its analysis found that youngsters consuming beer at homes sold the empty bottles every week and earned enough to buy a new beer bottle. This is said to be the brainwave behind what critics call ‘a desperate measure’.

This would mean that either you consume the beer at the thekas itself or you pay a deposit of Rs. 5 per bottle while taking the bottles home.

“They will be refunded the amount when they return the bottles”, said Anupam Goswami, the Assistant manager at United Breweries Group which manufactures Kingfisher beer.

Vijay Mallya has however defended his decision. In a telephonic interview with Bakchod Khabar he said, “People will continue drinking Kingfisher. No other decent beer gets them so high at such a low price. Despite the deposit of Rs. 5, it is still the classiest beer available to them.”

A group of youngsters from Bangalore have adopted a unique method of protest against what they call ‘a chillar behavior’. They have decided to half fill the empty bottles with their urine before returning them.

A 19 year old boy on condition of anonymity told Bakchod Khabar, “This would serve a double purpose. On one hand it would be a form of protest and on the other hand Mr. Mallya will have provided us a place to pee after finishing each bottle.”

Garbage collectors have given a mixed response to the whole issue. While some are happy that now their business will be in an organized manner, many others feel that peeing in the bottles would make them useless.

“Sometimes empty bottles collected from homes had little quantities of beer left in them. Now that will be replaced with urine. Unacceptable”, said Karan Kumar, a garbage collector.

The move by Vijay Mallya has become the trending joke on social networking sites. One user on Twitter called Mr. Mallya, ‘The Leftover of Bottled Times”.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.