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Mumbai: In an unprecedented show of unity, a man lost all his Facebook friends after he posted a status blaming batting icon Sachin Tendulkar for India’s defeat against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup last Friday. Incidentally, Sachin scored his 100th international century in that match.

28 years old Nagesh Dube woke up on Saturday morning to find all his friends missing from his Facebook account. He had more than 3000 friends in his Facebook list.


“Initially I thought my account has been hacked. But when I saw more than a hundred personal messages, I realized something else was wrong. All the messages were filled with the choicest of abuses”, recalled Nagesh.

“Sachin is God, but today he showed his human tendencies. He should have played a bit faster” was what he had posted.

One of his Facebook friends immediately unfriended him and started a Facebook page named, ‘Unfriend Nagesh Dube for writing against GOD’. The page had more than 12000 likes within the next 12 hours which included many of Nagesh’s friends.

But what really hurt Nagesh was that fact that even his family members had deserted him and had liked that page. “That was the final stab in my back. They knew I am a big fan of Sachin and wrote against him only about his 100th century”, rued Nagesh.

Morphed photographs of Rakesh falling at Sachin’s feet or him riding a donkey with a blackened face have been doing the rounds on Facebook.

Rakesh Chaudhary, the person who had created the page was still fuming with anger when Bakchod Khabar contacted him. “Anyone who writes against Sachin would get the same treatment from now on. Let this become a trend on Facebook,’ said Rakesh.

The incident has led Rakesh to become an instant celebrity on Facebook. A fan page has been created in his name which has already received more than 5000 likes.

This incident has also strengthened the campaign for the unlike button on Facebook. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken this incident seriously and has mentioned it on his personal Facebook page.

“This is not the right way. If this trend continues, anyone who posts anything against the popular view would be left with no friends on Facebook leading to my doom. We are now seriously considering starting the unlike button”, wrote Zuckerberg.

Our sources say that most of the other Facebook users who posted anything against Sachin have deleted the posts and have deactivated their account till dust settles down over this issue.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.