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Melbourne: In a shocking incident of jealousy and revenge, Indian opener Gautam Gambhir was caught red handed stealing two Man of the Match (MoM) awards belonging to skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. One of the two awards was given to Dhoni for his performance in the 2011 World Cup final.


The other award that was stolen was given to Dhoni for his unbeaten 58 in the tied game against Sri Lanka in the CB series. Gambhir has scored more than Dhoni on both the occasions, but it was Dhoni who stole the limelight.

An outspoken Gambhir was seen fuming at his detractors. “It is a scam. A major scam to give the MoM awards to Dhoni for every little contribution he makes. Chamche hain saare ke saare.

It is now believed that this jealousy was the reason behind Gambhir’s criticism of Dhoni’s slow chase in the recent games.

The BCCI has taken this case of theft very seriously and has warned of strict actions. “Gautam has crossed all limits now. It was fine till they stole each other’s underwears from the dressing rooms and hotels. But beyond that is bound to go out of the dressing room”, said BCCI President N. Srinivasan.

Dhoni too has decided to take the fight outside the dressing room. Speaking to Bakchod Khabar, he said that Gambhir had lost his mental balance during the England test series itself when he had the head injury.

“Once he stole my underwear. I took it as a prank. He stole it again. I forgave him. But stealing my MoM awards? I think he dreams of stealing my captaincy too. His head injury is yet to heal”, said Dhoni.

Gambhir has said that he will take the fight to the court. “Let them investigate who actually deserved the MoM awards. Let them investigate why he ran me out against Sri Lanka. I will come clean.”

On being reminded that Dhoni had apologized for the run out error, Gambhir was scathing in his response. “Can a sorry make a dead man alive? Can it bring me back my MoM award?”

Twitter has gone viral over this incident. Surprisingly, most of the posts were in favor of Gambhir. One of the posts read, “Chaddi Chor Gambhir actually deserved the MoM awards.”

In Delhi thousands of sympathizers led by Shahrukh Khan gathered at India Gate in support of Gautam Gambhir. They feel that apart from the MoM awards, he has been denied even the very basic necessities.

“We have started a contribute a chaddi campaign in favor of Gambhir. As responsible fans we need to sit down and think what led to him stealing underwears. We are trying to contribute in our own little ways”, said one of the fans at India Gate.

Note: This news story has got nothing to do with reality. This is just a figment of my imagination. Laugh and let laugh.